Here we go….

My life as I know it

Well guys, I’ve had this blog for a while, and am yet to really post anything on here. That’s sad! College life has kept me occupied, and it’s hard to find time to write! I’ve just finished writing my 10th of (at least) 50 missions letters for this Summer. For my readers who may not know me, I spent last summer (2012) in São Paulo, Brazil, living and studying. This summer, I have been blessed with the opportunity to return to Brazil (This time in Mato Grosso do Sul) for a mission trip. I will be there for a full two months! I’ve truly been blessed to have this opportunity, and I am looking forward to changing lives through teaching, evangelism, and the construction of a church.

Fly Fishing

Changing gears, it’s March! So happy March, internet! This also means it’s almost time for spring Fly fishing! I grew up Fly fishing, and although it is a dying art, I continue to do it, and will do it for the rest of my life. Spring time in the Smoky mountains is a very exciting time, early spring hatches come off in late afternoon, and I finally get to shake off the winter blues by catching some beautiful trout. I plan to add a page where I can post pictures of my trips/catches/landscapes specifically for Fly fishing, so hold tight, my angling brothers and sisters! Spring is coming!


Since this is my first post, I may as well explain my car obsession. I’ve always been a car nut. That just about explains it all. I love to drive cars, photograph cars, look at cars, race cars, work on cars, restore cars,, talk about cars, and I also collect minicars (hotwheels, matchbox, etc.) and build model cars. I’ll make a page for this hobby of mine, and share my process of collecting and building model cars/ customizing minicars. Today I am extra excited because I went to Hobbytown USA (Check ’em out if you haven’t yet) and got the files, sandpaper, blades, and other equipment I need to really start building consistently again. So if you are a fellow modeler/builder/collector/car fan, be sure to check this (soon to be page) for updates on my collection and builds!

What you get from this

This blog is simply a collection of my thoughts, passions, hobbies, and life. Hopefully you enjoy it, and hopefully I get to post more often! Feel free to follow me through this adventure we all call life.


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