First Custom Minicar Project Posted

Hey guys! So I’m kind of in a rush, gotta make it to soccer on time, but I just wanted to post on here really quick and let you guys know that I have primed, painted, buffed, repainted, smoothed, then painted and rebuffed this Datsun 510 to perfect Jalopy condition! The project has been posted under the Cars//Minicars section! I will post later on the entire process (Here on the main page) but go enjoy the evolution of the car and I will get to explain it all later! I’ve really gotten into this hobby, and can see myself doing this until I’m too old to hold most of the tools required for a project like this.

All in all, I would say I spent about 6-8 hours through the whole process– sadly there are no pictures of the stock condition it came in or right after I filed the paint off. But! The pictures are up, so tell ya friends, tell ya wife! Get err’body lookin’ at this project! More to come later!


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