New Customs!

So over my Spring Break, I spent some time in my hometown. It’s always nice to be home. It’s also great because our Wal-Mart always has a killer selection of Hot Wheels. Well, I made a trip one morning inspired by my 510 custom (Check it out in the Cars//Minicars section if you haven’t yet!) and ran into some awesome finds.

I’m obsessed with Datsun. If it’s Prince Motor Company, Tama Motor Company, Datsun, or Nissan, I love it. Period. Well, I scored three (yes, three) of the new Datsun 240Z models, finally getting to add this casting to my collection. I am keeping one carded for good measure, I opened one to display, and opened another to customize.

I also picked up a double (oops) of the red 5-Spoke AEM Honda S2000 casting. I’m going to customize it as well, as I adore the S2000 and everything that it (and not Honda at large) stands for in the tuning and performance community.

Below you’ll find a picture of these soon-to-be Nathaniel Sprouse customs, and hopefully they turn out to your enjoyment. I have an idea of what I would like to do for both, however, if you have any suggestions on what the customization should look like in its final stage, please feel free to inspire me. Hopefully these turn out looking great.

Note that I will not be posting the full process in the Cars//Minicars section from now on, only final results from projects, as posting tons of pictures of the customization process make the page difficult to scroll through and enjoy. From now on, I will post updates here on the main page, leaving the cars//Minicars page for the final result. Keep a look out for updates!

The AEM 5-Spoke Honda S2000 and the newest 240Z casting

The AEM 5-Spoke Honda S2000 and the newest 240Z casting



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