Here We Go, Again…

After this past summer and first half of the semester back at UT, I’ve decided to take a step in a different direction with this blog. I thought about deactivating it, but with a second thought and second-hand encouragement to get back into writing on this blog (Thank you, you know who you are), I’ve decided to have at it once again. Instead of talking about “my life in general,” I’ve decided to tell stories and document my thoughts. Some stories will be true, others will be fiction. I’ll make sure to make note of which is which. Some stories will simply involve characters that I’ve created in their own unique situations. Some stories will have multiple parts, being posted serially. Regardless of their make and model, all my stories will serve a purpose, whether they be philosophical, theological, or purely for the sake of telling a story with hopes to teach and inspire from my personal perspective.

I’ll keep the Cars//Minicars section of the blog open, as I still love all things automotive and will try to keep up with articles on car history/my cars and custom minicars, but the rest of it will be a new beginning, a way for me to start over with the way that I write and the subject of my writing. Whenever I do update the Cars//Minicars page, I’ll publish a post detailing the update so you guys know that it’s been updated and worth looking at (It is, I promise). But, from now on, expect stories that will challenge you, make you think, and hopefully evoke emotion. With any luck they will inspire you to take action as you see fit. Perhaps they will inspire you to be creative or get out of your comfort zone; perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two.

To the person who gave me the gentle push to get back to doing what I love so much, that being writing, I thank you again.

Keep reading and you’re going to learn a lot about me, my perspective on life, and the way in which I tell stories. Happy reading.

I’m back.



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