Hey everyone,

Welcome to my blog! My name is Nathaniel Sprouse. I’m a Tennessee Volunteer who’s addicted to cars, fly fishing, and writing. I’m a lifelong soccer fiend, a Formula One fanatic, and a hockey nut. I also speak Português, and am obsessed with all things Brasilian. My long term goal is to live in Brazil full time doing mission work, so I guess you could call that my journey. I’ve restructured this blog from what it used to be. This blog now serves the purpose of telling stories, including my personal story. I hope you enjoy the tales I have to tell.

Cheers and God bless,

Nathaniel Sprouse


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Contact: nsprouse14@gmail.com

Disclaimer: All content of this blog is intellectual property of Nathaniel Sprouse and “From the Mind of Mr. Underhill” blog. Any reproduction or release of its content without the written expressed consent of its owner is strictly prohibited.

These are my stories. Be inspired, don’t be a thief.


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